Alaska's media is very diverse. We help marketing directors and business owners develop effective media buys. With us on your team, your advertising budget will be more efficient than ever.

The Right Media

We are Alaska's media buying experts, specializing in television, radio, digital & print. At Westbrook, we take the guess work out of which media is best for your business. We'll learn everything that there is to know about your brand and who your customer is, and then we'll design an effective media plan that will save you money by eliminating wasteful spending. We will help you increase profits and awareness by zeroing in on the media that will best reach your target market.

The Right Rates

Some agencies will buy low ranking stations, programs, or publications in order to get their clients a low rate; while other agencies won't bother negotiating low rates for their clients at all

At Westbrook we believe that excellent rates are a key part of every media buy, and we work hard to get our clients the best rates in the business. We don't compromise when it comes to maximizing our clients advertising budget. We identify the media that yields the highest results, and then negotiate the lowest rates available during the process. The end result is quality media placement along with excellent rates.


"Our first month with Westbrook sales doubled, our second month they tripled, and it's because of the advertising."

Donny Dean, Owner of Image Audio