Marketing In Alaska | Digital, Television & Radio  Advertising

Westbrook Advertising is a full service advertising agency based in Anchorage Alaska. Services include digital marketing, television and radio advertising and creative services for digital, television, radio and print marketing.

Marketing directors and business owners who want to get the most out of their marketing budgets and plans choose Westbrook as their advertising agency. There are many ways available for you to create a marketing plan that will connect with new and existing customers. From digital marketing to television and radio advertising, print and more, Westbrook is here to help you cut through the clutter and zero in on a marketing plan that works.

Add cutting edge creative services to the mix for a full service advertising agency that is ready to team up with you, maximize your advertising budget, and save you a tremendous amount of time.

Digital Marketing & Advertising in Alaska

Digital advertising is evolving on a daily basis, and if you choose to manage your online advertising alone you're going to have to sacrifice an enormous amount of time to keep your digital ad spends effective. The complexity of digital advertising is further compounded by the numerous different ways that there are to simply waste your ad dollars online. Westbrook is here to help you. We'll develop and manage an effective online budget and plan tailored to your business. You'll benefit from knowing that your online advertising is very effective, and you'll save valuable time.

Television & Radio Advertising in Alaska

Television is still the single best way to communicate your brand and your business to the masses in Alaska, but if your television buys are not optimal, you'll waste an enormous amount of ad dollars annually. Radio is also one of the most powerful options available when it comes to driving events & awareness. But what does an effective mix of television and radio look like? Which stations, days & day-parts are best suited for reaching your business' goals? And finally, are you sure that you're getting competitive rates? That's where we come in. Westbrook is here get you on track with the right budget and the right media mix.

Strategy & Budget - Media Buying Services

An effective ad campaign is usually a well balanced mix of mass-media, digital advertising, and print when needed. Is your ad budget segmented out properly?

Westbrook is here to make sure that you have the right mix of digital advertising, television, radio and print - depending on what's best for your businesses goals.  A well planned strategy is at the heart of every successful buy, and we know how to get that done for you.

Creative Services - Digital, TV and Radio

At Westbrook we work with the top creative minds and facilities in Alaska as well as offering our own in-house production capabilities. This enables us to produce quality television ads, radio ads, and graphic design for online and print advertising. Our in-house services, along with our network of Alaska's most prominent creative professionals enables us to assemble the right creative team for your specific creative needs.

When You're With Westbrook, You're in Good Company

From comprehensive branding strategies and statewide media buys, to weekend open houses and grand opening celebrations, Westbrook has had the opportunity to work with many of Alaska's finest businesses across the state.

Below are a few creative samples.

See our creative page for more examples

Cozy Interiors Eagle RV

The House of Harley Davidson

Solara Skin and Laser

All Seasons Argo and Equipment