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Digital Marketing Anchorage | Online Marketing in Alaska

People spend more time on computers, mobile phones, and tablets than ever. It is often the first place they look to find products and services. With effective digital marketing, you can reach more potential customers by choosing regions, ages, interests, and even times of the day.

Search Marketing

online marketing alaska

Be on top of search results and and

drive more ready-to-buy customers,

to your website.

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

digital media anchorage

Get the right people to click on your ads

and buy your products, without

unnecessary, wasteful spending.

Social Media Ads

digital advertising

Your customers use social media, but

advanced targeting techniques are

essential to reach them.

The internet has transformed the way we connect with our customers.

Digital Marketing Alaska

Digital Marketing in Alaska

online marketing alaska

Reach Your Customers Quickly on the Internet

Transform how your business advertises online. Promote and market products and services to potential customers. Digital marketing has critical advantages over traditional marketing – tracking, cost, speed, and the enhanced ability to interact with visitors to your website.

Digital advertising can fast-track your business to the top of search results when implemented correctly. When your digital campaigns are optimized, customers can find your ads quickly. Westbrook puts your business in the mix of results, so customers find you more readily.

Google Search Ads Get You to the Top

online marketing alaska

Control Costs and Precisely Target Customers

Online or digital advertising allows you to show your ads to the people ready to buy your products and services while filtering out folks who aren't. The ability to track your ads' performance takes the guesswork out of the process and you don't waste money. Online advertising also allows you to reach potential customers using multiple devices — desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Digital marketing Anchorage is our specialty.

digital marketing anchorage

Who is Visiting My Website?

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Understanding Campaign and Website Performance

Web analytics is a powerful tool that keeps track of all the traffic to a website and the performance of your ad campaigns. Westbrook prepares custom reports for you to see how much website traffic or sales are coming from your digital advertising.

Without you being an expert, our custom reporting allows you to track and monitor your website and ad campaigns easily. You'll see traffic quantity and quality reports to understand better how well your advertising works. Our approach provides vital metrics needed to understand your digital marketing performance.

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